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iOS 12 Has Been Officially Presented By Apple At WWDC 2018 – Here Are The iOS 12 New Features


WWDC 2018 is taking place and, until now, it confirms what we all already knew and expected. Yesterday, iOS 12 has been officially presented by Apple and it has a whole bunch of new features and improvements.

Besides its new features and enhancements, the best part is that the devices compatible with iOS 11 will also be compatible with iOS 12.

iOS 12 New Features

Enhanced Augmented Reality

The AR was already one of the protagonists in iOS 11, now Apple has worked on improving it in iOS 12.

One of the new improvements in iOS 12 AR is the function that will allow users to make virtual measurements.

An improvement in AR requires an ARKit 2 upgrade and this will allow developers to create applications and games that allow us to use the same Augmented Reality from multiple devices.

Another new feature is that iOS 12 AR now supports for 3D object and face recognition.

The iOS 12 shortcuts for Siri

iOS 12 will have a Shortcuts feature with which we can create shortcuts for Siri to execute an action in response to a request.

In the demonstration during WWDC 2018, Apple representatives have shown an example of how is this feature working. Accordingly, we can create a shortcut so Siri can run a specific app according to our specific commands.

Improvements for photos, news and more

Apple has opted to improve the AI related to photos and galleries which now has a search engine that will understand what we want to find.

Photo sharing has also been improved.

On the other hand, Apple News, Books, and the Recorder have all received a facelift and small improvements as a new mode for Books and the arrival of Recorder on iPad.

CarPlay goes live with Google Maps

In iOS 12, CarPlay which will be able to connect to third-party apps from other companies, such as Google Maps.

FaceTime for groups

With iOS 12, FaceTime has been improved and now we can use it with up to 32 people at a time with audio and video.

New animojis

The animojis were another iOS 11 novelty and, now, we will get new animojis in iOS 12.

Besides the new Apple OS presented yesterday at the WWDC 2018, iOS 12, will also allow us to to create our own animoji.