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iOS 11.4 Bug Drains The Batteries On iPhone Devices Faster Than Normal


The latest version of the Apple’s operating system for mobiles, iOS 11.4, is doing just the opposite, as it’s turning iPhone mobiles into a real headache. This problem is, apparently, related to the loss of autonomy in the terminals according to continuous reports from users themselves in the official Apple Internet forum.

iOS 11.4 bug destroys the battery autonomy on iPhone devices

The problem has nothing to do with the model of iPhone that is used, so it is affecting both the latest models released and the older ones that can still be upgraded to iOS 11.4.

Several threads have been created about this issue, and dozens of users are outraged by a battery drain just as they upgraded to the latest version of iOS 11.4.

How to fix the battery autonomy issues on iPhone devices running iOS 11.4

As we said before, the iOS 11.4 system update would be affecting all iPhone terminals equally.

Some users found useful to temporarily turn off WiFi connectivity, while others, however, chose to connect to 2 or 3 G networks, instead of remaining on 4 G.

You’ll have less speed but, in return, the battery drain problem may be solved.

Also, many other iPhone users rolled back to an earlier version of iOS. After this operation has ended, they said that their battery had the same autonomy as always.

On the company’s side, Apple has not yet stated anything about this iOS 11.4 bug, neither asserting nor denying any error on its part in the iOS 11.4 update.

We hope that Cupertino-based company will upload, sooner rather than later, an update patch to this version of iOS 11.4 so that users can regain the regular autonomy for their iPhone batteries.

The new features found in this new iOS 11.4 version include iMessage for messages and conversations, AirPlay 2 for streaming content between devices, and specific tools for students and educators.