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Introducing VidMate – Watch Online Videos Without Wi-Fi


Smartphones are amazing pieces of technology that make our lives easier. Big tech companies such as Samsung, Apple and Google keep launching new flagship devices that ship with cutting-edge hardware specs which make them more than suitable to take care of heavy duty tasks such as working on projects for your office or editing videos for example.

Even though smartphones might be equipped with powerful hardware specs, most people use them for entertainment purposes. A recent study has shown that most people spend their free time while checking their social media from apps like Facebook and Instagram or on streaming online videos which leads us to believe that smartphones have become the ultimate entertainment tool.

Online Entertainment

The fact that smartphones that are connected to the internet give users access to an unlimited number of online videos makes them ideal for those dull moments when you don’t have anything to do. Not just that but imagine how much better a long road trip would get if you can stream all your favorite videos. On the downside of things, mobile data plans are really expensive and without a good one, you will not be able to stream too many online videos before you run out of mobile data.

Watching Online Videos Without Wi-Fi

The reason why people are required to connect their smartphones to the internet in order to stream online videos is because all streaming platforms lack a “Download” button next to their videos. Popular streaming platforms feature user-based content which helps generate revenue through ads and this is why you will never find a “Download” button.

Introducing VidMate

A group of developers noticed that there isn’t a video streaming platform that offers the ability to download online videos and they saw this as an opportunity and created VidMate. For those who are unfamiliar with this app, VidMate has been developed for the sole purpose of downloading videos even from websites that don’t allow this to happen.

With that being said, VidMate is automatically categorized as an “endless source of entertainment “ because it makes it possible for users to download online videos that they want when they are at home, connected to free Wi-Fi, and then to watch them while offline.

How to Download Online Videos

The great thing about VidMate is that this app has been developed for everyone! The developers wanted to make sure that all people can benefit from the features that VidMate has to offer and they made the video downloading process really simple.

The only thing that VidMate users need to do in order to download their favorite videos is to simply search for them through them keywords in the app’s built-in search browser that is located in the UI (user interface) and then click on the big “Download” button.

Download Free Music

Another cool feature that VidMate brings is a pre-installed MP3 converter. This means that VidMate users can download all the latest music videos and then convert them directly through the app, not needing to access any third-party software that can convert music videos to MP3.

Download Free Podcasts

We should also mention that the MP3 converter can be used for podcasts. As we all know, podcasts last between two to three hours and this means that they are huge in size. Adding that the video of the podcasts doesn’t really matter because the audio information is the most important thing about them, clever VidMate users can convert them to MP3 and reduce the amount of internal storage space or microSD space that they need in order to be downloaded.