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Introducing Galaxy S10 E, the Affordable Version of Galaxy S10


As everyone who follows Samsung already knows, the South Korean based tech giant is planning to launch a slew of smartphones in 2019. The most highly anticipated ones are the three models of Galaxy S10 that are said to ship with a punch-hole design and powerful specs.

However, it looks like Samsung is also looking to launch an affordable model of Galaxy S10 and that it will brand it as Galaxy S10 E. This smartphone will target people who like to purchase mid-range smartphones and its specs are going to be a bit downgraded when compared to the flagship model of Galaxy S10.

Introducing Galaxy S10 E

The news of Galaxy S10 E comes from Samsung’s hardware suppliers from China who leaked out that an affordable Galaxy S10 is coming soon. The smartphone will not only feature a different name, but it will also ship with different features such as the lack of an in-display fingerprint reader.

The reason why Samsung is giving up on key features such as the in-display fingerprint scanner is because Samsung needs to compromise on them in order to lower Galaxy S10 E’s price. Since Galaxy S10 E will not feature an innovative fingerprint scanner, then we believe that Samsung will mount in on the back side, just like it did with Galaxy S9.

Smaller Battery

Another important leak from Samsung’s China hardware suppliers reveals that Galaxy S10 E will be fueled by a smaller battery when compared to the flagship model of Galaxy S10. The battery that Samsung is going to use for Galaxy S10 E is a 3,100 mAh cell that is going to be paired to an Exynos 9820 CPU.

Final Words

Even though Galaxy S10 E is going to be a stripped down version of Galaxy S10 E, we have to give it to Samsung for deciding to create a smartphone that is going to feature an affordable price. Not everyone affords to spend $1,000 for a premium smartphone after all.


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