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Intel Tiger Rapids Is A New Prototype Of A Dual-Screen PC With Windows 10


Lately, we are seeing devices and prototypes that make use of two screens. In this line, today, we are struck by the prototype presented by Intel, a dual-screen PC, tablet-like mini-computer with Windows 10. The Tiger Rapids, which is the name of the innovation, has been presented as an example of what might be seen in the future.

Intel Tiger Rapids dual-screen PC with Windows 10

The Tiger Rapids PC is based on a first 7.9-inch LCD screen connected by a hinge to a second screen of the same size.

Depending on the model, this second screen can be an electronic ink screen, so-called E-Ink, allowing us to write on it, or a second classic LCD screen as the first one.

Although we do not have a list of specifications, we do have some hardware data available.

In its main part, it would have a Kaby Lake Intel-Core processor, SSD storage, Wi-Fi, and a single USB-C port.

As for the battery, they do not give any information but they say that the prototype will offer an autonomy of 13 to 15 hours when in use.

Dual-screen gadgets will be the future

However, although these may never be seen in the markets, for now, it is clear that this is more than just a curiosity.

Too many prototypes of dual-screen gadgets, from big players in the industry, are already under development, be it dual-screen smartphones like or computers-like gadgets.

We already have the Lenovo Yoga Book, with a regular screen and another screen designed for use as a keyboard or for typing and there also is the ZTE Axon M with two screens that can be used in unison or separately.

Now it remains to be seen if the manufacturers will get on the market with fully functional dual-screen gadgets.

In the meantime, Intel Tiger Rapids dual-screen PC has been presented at Computex 2018 and already raised the interest of some tech savvies.