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Intel i9 Of 9th Generetion To Be Introduced By Intel In Upcoming Laptops


Intel announced the new line of Intel i9 processors for desktops in 2017 and now the company is also preparing to make a move to the laptop market. As it happened to the past series, it is only a matter of time before the Intel i9 processors will power laptops.

Thus, the company announced the first i9 laptop chip and the ad was also accompanied by the statement that the processor is “the best gaming and creative laptop processor we’ve ever created.”

Intel Core i9 8950HK is the top CPU model of the series

The top model announced by the company is the Intel Core i9 8950HK which can operate at speeds up to 4.8 GHz with Turbo Boost but that’s not all.

Another premiere in the world of CPUs is that the 9th generation i9 is the first chip that comes in six cores and twelve threads setting.

Intel claims that this translates to a 29% increase in speed compared to 7th generation chips. Also, gaming performance is estimated to increase by 41%, and 4K video edit to increase by up to 59%.

Intel is also preparing Optane memories to match with the new i9 processor for desktops and laptops

Unlike the U series chips, the new i9 processors are part of the H series of the manufacturer.

Along with the new Coffee Lake chips, Intel is also preparing Optane memories for compatibility with the new laptop and desktop processors. In addition, Intel has created new logos for i5+, i7+, and i9+ to indicate that new computers have both state-of-the-art processors and Optane memories.

Next to them are the Radeon RX Vega M processors, created in a collaborative effort with AMD. If those are designed for thin and lightweight laptops, the new Intel i9 processors we are talking about here are designed for high-end devices where power is the most important factor.