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Instagram’s Questions Sticker Allows Story-Watchers Ask You Anything


Instagram’s latest feature called Questions Sticker inserted a Reddit AMA-like format into Stories.

With the question sticker that was launched yesterday, users are now able to ask you questions which can be answered in a subsequent post publicly.

In order to request questions from followers, the user selects the question sticker located in the sticker library, and users can type in their prompt and then add the sticker to the photo/video that’s posted in the story.

Users who are watching the story can then type their questions into a text box in that sticker.

The questions asked by the followers can be found in the bottom left-hand corner where viewers will be able to see who has viewed their story. In order to respond to a follower, you have to tap their question to create a new story with an answer.

While users will be able to see who asked them questions, the question will obviously show up as anonymous when it’s made public in the story. This feature is available on iOS and Android.

More updates have been made to Instagram lately 

This new feature is the latest from a bunch of features and updates that have been added to the app recently.

These included feed changes, anti-bullying enhancements, changes to explore and more.

Questions Sticker is similar to Instagram Direct (the apps direct messaging feature, which also allows you to reply to stories privately) because it facilitates conversation, and Instagram polls in that it’s prompting engagement publicly through Instagram Stories.

The feature seems to be encouraging more interaction between users which means more time spent on the application, of course.

Last month, Instagram reported that Stories has 400 million daily users which is double compared to the number of users Snapchat has for its similar feature, according to CNBC.