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Instagram Videos Platform Will Roll Out On June 20th And Is Aiming To Surpass YouTube


After overtaking Twitter, Snapchat and starting to make its way to surpass its owner proprietary social network, Facebook, Instagram will roll out its own YouTube alternative on June 20th, an Instagram videos platform The purpose is obvious, namely, to surpass the Google’s videos platforms as it hs already done with other social networks.

Last week it was rumored that the company founded by Kevin Systrom is preparing a new feature that will allow it to publish videos of up to an hour’s in duration with the idea of competing more strongly against YouTube.

The release of the Instagram videos platform will take place on Wednesday, next week, and the company has already started to send invitations.

Instagram videos platform will feature 4K resolution videos

According to some sources, the new feature of Instagram will base on three main pillars.

First, it will opt for a 4K resolution, regardless of whether it is vertical or horizontal, and will allow users to post videos longer than the actual 60-second limitation.

On the other hand, this new videos platform will have its own sections. However, the videos on the upcoming Instagram platform will get cataloged by content.

At the moment it is not clear if this will be integrated into the same application or will work in an external app.

In the first place, the launch of this new Instagram videos platform will focus on the social network’s stars who will be the first to get access to the Instagram’s new tool.

Thus, if the release arrives on June 20th, as scheduled, therefore, it is expected that there will already be videos uploaded by the content creators with millions of followers on Instagram.

In conclusion, after surpassing social networks such as Twitter, Snapchat, and going after Facebook, the upcoming Instagram videos platform is aiming to take over YouTube.