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Instagram Users Can Now Ask Questions in Stories


Reports are showing that Instagram is slowly but surely getting bigger than Facebook. There are two main reasons for that. The first being that teenagers are already looking for the “next big thing” and the second reason is the recent Facebook debacle where the social media platform was accused of creating data profiles for users and then selling them to advertisers.

No one likes having their activity monitored and Facebook’s massive user base is getting smaller by the day. Nonetheless, Instagram also offers a wide range of features that are all focused towards sharing content and this makes it a fun social media platform. Since we are talking about Instagram, we need to mention that a brand-new update has just arrived.

Instagram Update

It looks like the developers who are in charge Instagram are never going to take a break. The reason we are saying this is because Instagram has received lots of new updates during this past couple of weeks such as the ability to add soundtracks from popular musicians such as Calvin Harris to Stories. Nonetheless, the new update adds a cool feature that makes Stories even better than usual.

Asking Questions in Stories

The latest update for Instagram gives users the ability to ask questions in Stories. Even though users could’ve already added yes/no polls, they finally get the ability to ask their friends and followers questions such as “What do you think of my new outfit?” for example.

While this might not be a groundbreaking feature, it does make it easier for content creators, musicians and all other types of celebrities to keep in touch with their followers. We can only imagine how much fun famous Instagram celebrities such as DJ Khaled who love to interact with their followers are going to have with this feature.