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Instagram Updated for Windows 10 Mobile OS Users


Microsoft has been a company which has constantly been coming out with various updates and upgrades for their devices over the years.

The company has constantly been innovating their offerings in the markets and has been looking forward towards newer, bigger challenges and has been working towards improving their offerings in the markets.

Microsoft has now been expanding their presence into the hardware markets as well, and has now introduced the Windows 10 Mobile OS for their Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Microsoft has been putting in a lot of effort behind promoting their windows 10 devices, and they know that the best way to push these devices is by introducing more and more applications.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella too has expressed his views on the importance of universal apps for the Windows 10 which work on all the Windows platforms with an equal ease.

The latest company to have updated their application for the Windows 10 Mobile devices is that of Instagram.

Instagram has now updated itself for the Windows 10 Mobile users, and it brings in many new features, most noticeably a new, updated, Live Tile.

The earlier update for Instagram had brought in the live tile, but it was a very awful looking black and white tile, the latest update from the company has now beautified the tile and has given it a blue shade, adding on to the appeal of the app and also matching the colour scheme of Instagram.

This new Universal Windows app for Instagram has been numbered version 7.17.0 by the company, and the official listing on the Windows 10 Mobile Store lists the following new changes in this updated application –

  • Video View Counts on Instagram
  • Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts
  • Shortcuts for Viewing Photos, Videos and More
  • Improvements to the Boomerang App
  • Introducing Boomerang from Instagram: A New Video App

The fact that more and more apps are updating their apps for the Windows 10 Mobile devices is a strong indicator that the users of Windows Phones are soon going to get the much awaited Windows 10 Mobile update which they have been patiently waiting for since December 2015.

However, many apps have also been leaving the Windows 10 Mobile OS, and two of the biggest names that have decided to end support for Windows 10 Mobile OS have been that of Spotify and HERE Maps.