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Instagram Now Lets Users Shop Directly via Stories


The days where Facebook rules the social media industry are coming to an end. Studies are showing that teens don’t use Facebook anymore and prefer Instagram and Snapchat instead. The reason behind this is quite simple, Instagram is focused more on sharing pictures and not political views and personal thoughts as Facebook does.

Another reason why Instagram is gaining such a massive following is because the social media platform keeps improving every single day. The developers who are in charge of Instagram are constantly rolling out new updates which improve the way Instagram works and a new one has just arrived!

Shop via Instagram Stories

As we all know, Instagram is filled with “models” who advertise all types of products in their pictures. Well, Instagram is looking to make the job of advertisers easier by allowing people to purchase items directly through Stories, similar to what Snapchat is doing.

Tested Feature

We should mention that this feature was initially tested back in 2016 when Instagram teamed up with 20 brands in order to see how well it works. There were some issues with the feature, but now, the developers have decided to release it.

Shoppable Tags

With that being said, Instagram users should be prepared to see shoppable tags in Stories where people are trying to sell items such as clothing items. This also means that we will not hear the “link in bio” catchphrase anytime soon.

Instagram Press Release

“With 300 million people using Instagram Stories every day, people are increasingly finding new products from brands they love. In a recent survey, Instagrammers said they often watch stories to stay in the-know with brands they’re interested in, get an insider view of products they like, and find out about new products that are relevant to them” said Instagram in a recent press release.