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Instagram Lite Rolled Out Silently On Google Play Store And Is Dedicated To Low-End Android Devices


Using Instagram on low-end Android devices can be a headache for users. To help these Android users with low-end phones, Instagram devs have silently released Instagram Lite, a version that requires fewer resources, takes up less space, and consumes less data than the full version. The app works on every Android device running Android 5.0 and later.

Instagram Lite is indeed… lite

Instagram Lite weighs only 573 Kilobytes and has the main functions of the entire application, so you can upload photos to the profile and stories, view stories, and also find new content in the Explore section, without feeling the limitations imposed by operating a low-end Android device.

However, for now, it is not possible to upload videos either in the feed or in the stories, you cannot send or receive direct messages, nor do you have the advanced options in the stories, which allow you to perform boomerangs and other functions, as well as add stickers, GIFs, and conduct surveys.

Instagram Lite is currently available on Google Play Store

The absence of some features is understandable considering the small size of the application and its orientation to Android devices with limited power and is an initial version, as it happened with Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, which over time have obtained more features, approaching the amounts of options found in their full versions.

Instagram Lite is still under testing, according to a social network spokesperson, even though the application is now available on Google Play Store. So, we should expect more updates soon.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has stated on previous occasions that it wants to bring its products to as many people as possible, and with the release of an Instagram Lite version, it is clear that its efforts are serious.

You can download the newly released Instagram Lite from Google Play Store and try it out right now.