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Instagram Lite is Now Available for Android


Instagram is taking over the world and there’s no doubt about that. Recent surveys are showing that Facebook is losing most of its user base to Instagram, but this isn’t a problem for the massive social media website since Facebook owns Instagram.

Nonetheless, the reason why Instagram is making headlines today is because the developers have just released a Lite version of the app without saying anything about it.

Instagram Lite

If you ever wanted to install Instagram on your smartphone but didn’t because the app takes too much space, then you should be happy to know that Instagram Lite is here. The new version of the app weighs in at 573 kilobytes which is significantly lower than the original version which is 32 megabytes.

Cheap Smartphones

Facebook knows that its primary user base is moving on to the “next thing” and it wants to make sure that Instagram is what they pick. Therefore, Instagram Lite is designed to appeal to everyone who leaves Facebook.

Not everyone is able to purchase a high-end smartphone and people hate having to delete photos, songs or videos in order to make room for an app. Fortunately, this is not going to be required with Instagram Lite.

Key Features

Just like the original app, Instagram Lite is giving users the option to use special filters on their photos and then share them with the entire world. Moreover, Instagram Lite also features Stories and the classic Explore page, but that’s about it.

Instagram Lite lacks a couple of essential features that make the original Instagram app popular such as the ability to share videos and send Direct Messages (DMs) to friends and family members. We should also note that Instagram Lite has been optimized to reduce mobile data consumption.