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Inspecting UC Browser’s Top Features – Can it Replace Google Chrome and Safari?


Today we are going to talk about UC Browser and all the amazing features it has to offer. The reason we have picked UC Browser to be the topic for today’s article is because we want to show Android and iOS fans that they don’t need to rely on the default browser that their smartphone comes with. Android powered devices ship with Google Chrome pre-installed, but this browser is known for slowing down smartphones because it uses too much RAM Power.

On the other hand, we have Apple’s Safari who works just fine, but it doesn’t come with too many features and its considered to be a “simple” browser.

UC Browser

The first thing we need to mention about UC Browser is that it’s available for free and that it’s a cross-platform app which means that it can be installed on both Android and iOS powered devices. UC Browser has been downloaded by more than 17 million people on the official Google Play Store and this massive user base speaks volumes about the services that UC Browser has to offer.

Nonetheless, today we will take a more in-depth look at all the features that UC Browser has to offer and see if it can replace Google Chrome and Safari.

Premium User Experience

The developers who are in charge of UC Browser have made it clear that their primary goal is to offer a premium user experience. Therefore, the latest updates that UC Browser has received during the past couple of months have introduced things such as a new and unique self-developed U4 engine that helps UC Browser perform 20% faster than usual. The U4 engine also helps improve the speed at which UC Browser can connect to the web, support videos, and much more.

Fresh User Interface

Since we are talking about the premium user experience that UC Browser offers, we need to mention that UC Browser is equipped with an intuitive UI. The reason why this matters is because the browser’s UI makes it easier for people to find the information that they need. The UI is not just simple because it also looks really good from a visual perspective.

Fast Downloads

The primary use for a smartphone browser is to surf the web, but some people also enjoy downloading content. UC Browser is ideal for people who download lots of files because it is equipped with a special download manager that utilizes the company’s own server to boost average download speeds.

Another cool thing about UC Browser’s download manager is that if the internet connection drops in the middle of a download, UC Browser will automatically pick up where it left off.


Is there something more annoying than trying to surf the web only to have your smartphone display filled with intrusive ads? The developers who are in charge of UC Browser know that ads are ruining people’s browsing experiencing and they installed a built-in adblocker. Therefore, UC Browser will never have to rely on a third-party app to remove annoying ads.

Mobile Data Saving

Finding a free Wi-Fi connection is not easy and people have to rely on their mobile data instead. However, mobile data is expensive and it will be noticeable on the monthly cellular bill.

Luckily, UC Browser ships with a special mobile data saving system that compresses data in order to speed up navigation speed. In fact, this is what the developers have to say about UC Browser ‘s data compression system: “The more you browser, the more data you can save with UC Browser”.