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iMessage Not Delievered? Top 3 Methods of Fixing this Issue


There are many exclusive features that differentiate Apple’s iOS from Google’s Android operating system and one of them is iMessage. This service allows Apple fans to communicate and send messages through Wi-Fi or cellular data networks. Moreover, the only thing iMessage requires is the iOS basic messages app.

iMessage Not Delivered

Sadly, there are numerous complaints from Apple fans that this service started malfunctioning after they updated to the latest iOS 10.3.3. What’s happening is that when users try to send a message, they get a yellow exclamation mark next to their text which says the following “Not Delivered”.

This issue will prove to be quite annoying and today we are going to provide readers with a couple of methods of fixing it. First off, the problem is mainly caused by the fact that the old iOS 10 and iOS 11 messages app is not up to par with the new one. What we mean by this is that the new messages app supports a bunch of new features such as handwriting, stickers, bubble effects and so on.

Offline Server

One of the things that might cause iMessage to malfunction is when Apple’s servers go down. Apple has multiple servers that are dedicated to iMessage and they can be checked by opening the System Status page on Apple’s official website. Worth mentioning is that the last time this happened was on February 15th, 2017.

Network Settings

Another precaution measure that Apple fans can take in order to make sure that iMessage runs as intended is to reset their device’s network settings. This can be done by accessing the following panels Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings.

Restart the iMessage Service

If the previous methods didn’t do anything, then Apple fans need to restart the iMessage Service itself. In order to do this, Apple fans are required to head off to Settings – Messages and to turn off iMessage. The next step is to hold and press the sleep/wake button and shut down the device. Now, turn the device on and go back to Settings – Messages and enable the iMessage service.