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Hutchins, the hero hacker against Wannacry has switched sides


Marcus Hutchins became a famous hacker and beloved worldwide for managing to put a stop to the Wannacry ransomware attack has been arrested for getting involved in a mass hacking scheme.

The security researcher works for the Kryptos Logic company back in the U.K. However, his arrest followed the end of the Defcon conference in Las Vegas. The U.S Department of Justice accused him of creating the Kronos banking Trojan, a malware used to steal bank credential of people to use for fraud. According to authorities he created the malware for criminal purposes and tried to sell it on the AlphaBay dark market between the years of 2014-2015 for a price of 3,000 $.

Reactions on behalf of the cybersecurity circles

Hutchins arrest was met with skepticism by the cyber security circles. Because he is such a famous hacker, his arrest has created controversies.

The legal world also gets involved and Orin Kerr, George Washington University professor of law gives his opinion. He specialized in cyber security and hacking cases and to his mind Hutchins’s indictment is not enough to get a sentence.

All you need to know about the legal case

Kerr further explain that writing malware is not illegal. Neither is it illegal to sell it. It only becomes illegal when there is malicious intent behind the sale. At the Defcon conference all the participants were shocked because Hutchins is known for his hacking skills and technical knowledge. After all he was the one who saved us back in May from the WannaCry epidemic.

Hutchins was previously known under the pseudonym MalwareTech and he managed to stop the WannaCry virus by noticing it had connections with a nonexistent web domain.

Kronos malware appeared in 2014 and it worked as both keylogger and it also alter banks web pages.