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Huawei Watch 3 Leak – The Company Patents Innovative Capsule for Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds


Huawei is a company that loves to innovate. While other companies fight to compete against each other in terms of hardware specs, Huawei loves to take things to the next level by equipping its devices with innovative features. Talking about Huawei and innovative features, the Chinese based tech giant recently patented a new smartwatch! The interesting thing about this Huawei smartwatch is that it will feature a set of built-in Bluetooth earbuds.

New Huawei Smartwatch

Reports have been showing that Google is currently adding the finishing touches to a new lineup of Pixel smartwatches. However, it looks like Android fans have another device to look forward to since Huawei is doing the same. The new Huawei smartwatch is known as Huawei Watch 3 and a newly leaked document is showing us that the tech giant wants to install a pair of built-in Bluetooth earbuds.

Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds

Fortunately for us and other eager Huawei fans, the leaked patent document is showing a couple of ways that the tech giant is looking to install the earbuds. Huawei plans to store the wireless earbuds through a small capsule that features a spring mechanism which can be opened or shut with a simple snap. Some are speculating that the capsule might be attached to the smartwatch magnetically.

What we can be sure of is the fact that the Bluetooth earbuds which the upcoming Huawei Watch 3 is going to feature are going to be water resistant and that they will feature active noise canceling. This means that Huawei Watch 3 owners will be able to answer incoming calls just by flipping their wrist.

We should also mention that the patent has been approved on June 28th by the World Intellectual Property Organization which leads us to believe that Huawei is getting closer to officially revealing the smartwatch.