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Huawei Plans To Beat Samsung To Market And Unveil Its Own Foldable Smartphone


One of the most anticipated handsets of 2019 is Samsung’s first foldable handset.

The foldable device was called all over the online space the Galaxy X until rumors claimed that the Galaxy X might be the company’s first gaming phone which will not be a foldable device. The Galaxy F might be the phone’s name.

Anyway, the Samsung foldable device is expected to be launched in early 2019, but when it arrives after more than two years flooded with rumors and speculations, the Galaxy foldable phone might not even be the first foldable device anymore. Why? Because Huawei is really eager to beat Samsung to market.

Huawei might launch a foldable device of its own

This is not the first time that the rumors float around and anyway more tech companies are currently working at their own devices.

What Huawei wants to do is to beat Samsung to market, according to a fresh report coming from Nikkei Asian Review.

Huawei plans to team up with display supplier BOE for the flexible OLED screen that would go inside the Huawei foldable handset.

The first batch would be limited, but Huawei and BOE just want to beat Samsung to market.

“Huawei’s planned volume could be limited to some 20,000 to 30,000 units, or even less, for a small group of first-wave adopters,” an insider said.

“The effort is mainly to demonstrate its technological capability and to attract the industry’s attention and media coverage.”

The product will be launched “very early in 2019,” according to Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu.

“The Chinese company wants to be the first in the industry even if the display technology from its panel supplier might not be that ready like Samsung,” he said.

The launch date will definitely depend on the development of the technology and also the durability of the foldable panels.


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