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Huawei Might Launch The First Foldable Smartphone In The World In December


After years of rumors, it seems that most major manufacturers are working on their own interpretation of the foldable smartphone concept, being just a matter of time until we find out about them in official launch announcements. Recently, information emerged that Huawei is very close to achieving this.

Huawei could launch the first foldable smartphone in the world by the end of the year

Eager for an early start in a race that might prove very profitable, Huawei could unveil their first foldable smartphone before December this year.

According to the information emerged in the South Korean newspaper ET News, Huawei opts for a design that puts the curved screen inside the case slightly different to Samsung’s concept.

Most likely, the new smartphone will only be available in limited series, Huawei wishing to observe the consumer reaction before deciding on launching more products based on the foldable smartphone design concept.

Both Huawei and Samsung has plans on producing a foldable smartphone model but both use LG foldable screens

The same publication also reveals that the new flexible OLED screen type is provided by LG Display.

Besides, Samsung, which is also working on producing a similar model of smartphone, also uses foldable screens produced by LG.

Even more, LG has recently announced its intentions on producing their own type of foldable smartphone.

Thus, a true race has begun between a few of the big players in the smartphones’ industry.

More foldable smartphone models to come by the end of the year

The last quarter of this year could also bring other similar smartphone products coming from renowned manufacturers who are working on implementing a foldable screen, such as Samsung, LG, OPPO, ZTE. Also, other companies already expressing intentions for launching new devices based on this foldable smartphone concept.

What it will happen eventually and which company will release the first foldable smartphone in the world we shall see by December 2018, some rumors say.