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Huawei Mate 20 Lite Revealed in New TENAA Report


We recently reported that Huawei managed to beat Apple in terms of quarterly sales. This came as a surprise to everyone since Apple is known for its expensive products and for generating billions of dollars every year. Nonetheless, this shows us that Huawei is getting closer to achieving its goal of becoming the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.

The Secret Behind Huawei’s Success

Many people are wondering how did Huawei manage to rise above the likes of Apple and the answer to that question is quite simple, Huawei keeps launching high-end devices and they sell well! Just take a look at Huawei’s latest Mate 10 Pro that ships with a 6-inch display and dual-camera setup designed by Leica for example.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Another thing that separates Huawei from the likes of Apple and Samsung is the fact that it launches Lite versions of its smartphones. These devices ship with downgraded hardware specs when compared to the original models and this allows Huawei to lower their price. With that said, a recent TENAA leak is revealing that Huawei is currently adding the finishing touches to Mate 20 Lite.


The upcoming smartphone is codenamed as MAINMANG 7 in the TENAA report and even though we might not know what type of specs it will have to offer, the TENAA report does reveal a bunch of interesting things about it.

First off, the smartphone will ship with a rear mounted dual-camera setup that will probably use LEICA technology, just like Mate 10 Pro. Moreover, the smartphone will feature a fingerprint scanner on the backside which confirms that Mate 20 Lite will not feature face scanning technology or a fingerprint scanner that is installed beneath the display.


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