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Huawei Dethrones Apple And Aims To Become World’s Biggest Smartphone Maker


Huawei Technologies Co. just dethroned Apple Inc. and became the world’s second-largest smartphone maker.

As you can imagine the company’s main aim is now the first place and they want things done by the end of 2019.

Huawei managed to ship over 95 million phones in the first half of 2018 and this is up 30% compared to 2017.

Consumer division chief Richard Yu said on Friday that he wants Huawei to be No.1 in smartphones by the end of 2019 with a market share of over 20%.

He also acknowledged its virtual absence in a pivotal U.S. maker.

This year, Huawei managed to overcome a global slump by grabbing sales from Apple and the current leader Samsung Electronics Co.

The fast-growing consumer division supported Huawei the leader in global telecommunications equipment gets past lackluster demand from carriers at a global level.

Despite the not so pink situation in the U.S. they managed to build a strong presence in $600-plus phones in markets in Africa and Europe which allowed it to break Samsung’s and Apple’s stranglehold on the global market.

Huawei surpasses Apple

Huawei surpasses Apple in the number of smartphones shipped for the very first time.

Yu’s comments came a few hours after Apple hit $1 trillion in market value.

By taking an aim at Samsung, it’s also targeting an Asian powerhouse that dominates the phone market but also semiconductors and displays.

Huawei has expressed its intention of hitting 200 million smartphones this year.

This was only achieved by Samsung and Apple.

To do this, the company “must grow its share of an intensely competitive yet slowing market. Huawei will need to lure even more buyers away from competitors in already saturated markets like China and Europe, which Xiaomi Corp. and Oppo are also targeting,” according to Bloomberg.

Huawei also needs to address its absence from the U.S.