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HTC Vive’s Price Goes Down – Available To Preorder


Virtual Reality Gaming amateurs can as of now purchase the HTC Vive accesory for a better price, or opt for the improved model, Vive Pro.

Improved VR gaming

Delivered starting with April 5th, the virtual reality headset HTC Vive Pro will improve substantially the quality of the displayed image by using two OLED screens, capable of playing images with a resolution of up to 1400×1600 pixels to each eye.

HTC brought improvements to the device’s usability, too, by including a pair of headphones built into the headset and a locking mechanism which can be tightened by using a special setting.

An expensive toy

Falling into the high-end range of devices, HTC Vive Pro is one of the more costly options for playing VR games on the PC, being way more expensive than its alternatives, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

However, HTC seems to be betting on the business customers’ interest in the technology, them being already used to the $1200 price tag on the “business” edition of the Vive accesory.

Meanwhile, the usual Vive system is having its price dropped by a whole $100, thus being available for $499. Also, customers who purchase the latest Vive Pro model by the 3rd of June are also being rewarded with a free 3-month subscription to the HTC Viveport service.

As for the price of the Vive Pro headset, HTC announced they will charge $799 for it. Unfortunately, for the time being only the Vive Pro headset is available; the HTC Vive Pro complete kit is going to be announced at a later date.

Buy & Pre-order

For your convenience, you can buy the HTC VIVE VR System from Amazon right here, or you can pre-order the HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset by clicking here!

What do you think? Will you be preordering the new Vive headset? Tell us what you think in the comments! And as always, stay tuned for more gaming news!