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HTC Vive vs HTC Vive Pro – Design and Hardware Improvements


During the Consumer Electronics Show of this year which has been held from January, 9th to January, 12th, HTC announced the newer and better version of HTC Vive, named HTC Vive Pro.

HTC Vive Pro brings in some improvements in design, better audio fidelity and better resolution.

What are the differences between the new HTC Vive Pro and the original HTC Vive?

Design improvements of the new HTC Vive Pro

While the original HTC Vive is completely black, the new HTC Vive Pro comes in black and blue and should be easily recognized because of the presence of the two new included front cameras and the built-in headphones.

Another difference is in terms of comfort. HTC Vive comes with three straps that can be adjusted in order to fit on every person’s head, but the new HTC Vive Pro comes with a more comfortable design of the straps. HTC Vive Pro’s new standard fitting and adjustment system reminds us of the deluxe audio strap system which was an optional add-on for the original HTC Vive.

This new fitting system of HTC Vive Pro is more comfortable because it’s also designed to balance the headset by reducing the weight of the front part of the gadget with a counter-weight placed in the structure of the back part of the gadget.

Better display resolution for HTC Vive Pro

In comparison with the 1080×1200 per eye resolution of the HTC Vive, the upgraded HTC Vive Pro comes with a 1400×1600 per eye resolution.

The better resolution of the HTC Vive Pro headset means a better gaming experience with more clarity of the image and a better rendering of the texts.

New HTC Vive Pro’s audio and features

As mentioned above, HTC Vive Pro comes with a built-in set of headphones which is a great advantage in comparison with the original HTC Vive which came out without headphones but with only a 3.5mm jack that allowed users to connect their own headphones.

Even more, the HTC Vive Pro’s built-in headphones come with a internal amplifier which delivers a better sound. Also, the headset comes with two built-in microphones that offer a better gaming experience when playing multiplayer games.

Compatibility of HTC Vive Pro

Users of the original HTC Vive shouldn’t worry because the upgraded version, HTC Vive Pro, will be compatible with their base stations.

However, upgraded base stations will be available in the near future.

HTC Vive versus HTC Vive Pro – The conclusions

It is clear that the new HTC Vive Pro comes with a better design, a more comfortable head fitting and adjustment system, and better video and audio fidelity, while it is still compatible with the original HTC Vive’s base stations.

Even though HTC Vive Pro will not have a 4K resolution, its 1400×1600 per eye resolution (2800×3200 overall resolution) is not a disadvantage, this meaning that HTC Vive Pro will not require high-end gaming computers. Therefore, it is predicted a very high demand for this gadget.

The HTC Vive Pro’s price is not known yet but HTC Vive Pro will be available soon. We will keep you updated on this topic.

Source: Droidhere.com.