HTC To Launch New Mobile VR Headset In 2017


    The VR industry has been expanding these past few years and the company that’s been capitalizing on this the most is HTC. The Chinese tech manufacturer has been struggling with its smartphones as of late, but it looks like it found a new niche that it can excel in. The company already launched one of the most popular VR headsets and it seems like HTC isn’t settling at that. Chia-ling Chang which is the company’s CEO announced that HTC is getting ready to launch a brand new mobile VR headset.

    HTC Mobile VR Headset

    As previously mentioned, HTC has been struggling to find a niche in the tech market. With the success of its late HTC Vive, the company has begun starting to be more VR oriented. In fact, HTC Vive managed to sell 400,000 of units in just the first months of its release. Regarding the new mobile VR headset, the HTC official confirmed that it’s going to be supported by the company’s upcoming HTC U Ultra smartphone.

    The reason why HTC wants to leave Vive behind and developed a mobile version of it is because Samsung’s Gear VR has been overshadowing it quite hard. The South Korean has been having a much better success with its headset selling over 4 million units in 2016.

    Readers should think of HTC’s upcoming mobile VR headset as a gadget that’s similar to Google’s Daydream View. The way it will work is by simply plugging it in to a smartphone. Although HTC’s device is being built around the same idea, the company’s CEO announced that it’s going to be quite different. We can’t know for sure what he means by that but we can be sure that it’s going to give Google and Samsung some tough competition.

    Why Is HTC Focusing On VR Technology?

    The last year hasn’t been a good one for the Chinese tech giant. The company decided to unveil its sales percentages and from there we can see that HTC has an operating loss of $116. That’s not all, even the company’s revenue has been lowered by 14 percent. This is why HTC is doing its best to get better at creating VR devices and not smartphones or other gadgets. Nonetheless, we can expect that HTC will unveil this headset during the third quarter of 2017.