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How to Remove Startup Programs Manually on Mac OS


Every time you turn on or restart your MacBook or a desktop computer running Mac OS, programs for which autorun is configured are started after the loading of the operating system. Most applications that you install are automatically added from the startup list, and whenever the Mac is turned on or rebooted, the system has to spend resources to start all these applications and services.

Over time, least of such programs is increasing and the speed of computer booting, respectively, become slower. Keep an eye on this area, and we recommend keeping your Mac clean and disabling any unnecessary programs from autorun.

The converse is also true because there indeed is some program that you start each time manually after turning on the computer, so why not add it to your Mac’s startup? There are at least two ways to add an app to the startup or remove it.

Add or remove an app from Startup via Dock

If your program has a shortcut in the bottom panel (Dock) of the Mac OS, then just right-click (or touchpad) on it and select the “Options” tab in the pop-up window, and then tick the “Open on login” option. If checked, the application will automatically start with the Mac OS. If not, the app does not exist in the autorun.

Unfortunately, not all programs have a shortcut in the Dock of your Mac, some work in stealth mode or have only an icon in the top bar. Thus, to fully configure the autorun, you need to go to the settings.

Remove or add the app to startup in the OS settings

  1. Open the settings of your Mac by tapping the apple on the left on the top bar, and open the “System Settings” menu item.
  2. In the computer settings window, find and open the “Users and groups” item.
  3. Select the “Login Items” from the top of the window that opens.
  4. Now you see a list of all the programs that are run each time after booting your operating system. To add the program to autorun, just click the “plus” button under the list of programs and select the one from the list that opens. Now it will always boot with the Mac OS. If you want to remove the program from startup, select it in the list and click the “minus” – the program will be removed from the startup list.
  5. You can also hide some programs that you do not need to see directly after logging in, but they will work in the background. This option is useful, for example, for Skype. To do this, just tick the name of the program in the “Hide” box.

An alternative way to remove startup programs manually

Some processes and apps are hidden a little deeper. The easiest way to manage them is to use specialized software, for example, the CleanMyMac program. This tool displays startup programs in one list, and you can turn them off with a single click. There is also auto-cleaner. With this module, you can completely clean OS X. Here you can clear the cache, and remove the rest of the programs, and search for unnecessary language files and so on. Follow this link to find out more about removing startup items manually.

Follow these steps to save RAM and boost your Mac for better performance. Old computers especially need constant optimization.