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How to Keep Google Chrome Updated with the Latest Available Software


Google Chrome is among the first browsers to introduce automatic updates. However, considering how important Google’s updates are, Chrome users are advised to manually download them instead of waiting for the browser to do it on its own. Google rolls out monthly patches that increase the browser’s security against malicious software, hackers and so on. Therefore, making sure that Chrome is running on the latest firmware version is quite important.

How to Update Google Chrome

First off, open the browser then click on the “more” button which can be found on the right-hand corner. In addition, the “more” button features an icon that looks like three dots or dashes, depending the active software. The button will feature one of these three colors: Green (update has been available for 4 days), Red (update has been available for more than seven days) and Orange which also means an update is pending.

In the “more” menu, users need to select “Help” which can be found at the bottom of the list and then click on “About Google Chrome”. This redirects users to a special page where Chrome checks for new updates. After thoroughly checking for updates the browser will either automatically download the latest software or prompt the following text: “Google Chrome is up to date”.

In case the browser wasn’t up to date, Chrome already downloaded the latest software version. All that’s left now is to select the “Relaunch to restart your browser” option. Worth mentioning is that Chrome will also automatically save and reopen the pages which were open before relaunching.

Google Updates

As previously mentioned, Google loves to roll out a constant stream of updates to Chrome. Google does the same thing for its Android operating system as well, and the most important thing about these updates is that they take of security breaches and annoying bugs.