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How to Install TubeMate on Windows PC and Download Online Videos


Smartphones are affordable nowadays and everyone uses one. This has a massive impact on the world and the perfect example of this is the entertainment industry. There aren’t that many people who spend their time in front of the TV anymore because they can simply stream any online video that they want on their smartphone instead. Although, there are some limitations when it comes to streaming online videos.

The limitations to watching online videos instead of cable TV is that people need to keep their smartphones connected to the internet. Otherwise, they don’t have a way to watch online videos since nearly all video streaming platforms don’t allow their users to download online videos. Fortunately, this is where TubeMate comes and provides an alternative.

TubeMate is a highly popular Android app that can download online videos. What makes this app special is the fact that it can download online videos virtually every website and app. This makes TubeMate a useful app to have, but does it work on PC? The answer is no because TubeMate is an Android exclusive app. However, there is a workaround that makes TubeMate available on PCs.

How to Get TubeMate on PC

As previously mentioned, TubeMate is exclusive for Android powered smartphones. Therefore, everyone who wants to access the app’s features needs to download an Android emulator on their PCs.

BlueStacks is a great Android emulator that will get the job done and to make things even better, BlueStacks is free to use. Although, there are multiple Android emulators and users can pick the one that they like the most.

After downloading and installing BlueStacks on the PC, users need to head over to a reliable APK website and then download the latest version of TubeMate. All that is left now is to simply open the APK file in BlueStacks and then install the app.


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