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How to Fix “VidMate Not Working Anymore” (Simple Guide)


There’s nothing better about using an Android powered smartphone other than the fact that users can download millions of apps and games. Even though there are lots of powerful apps, we are advising everyone to check out VidMate. This is a great app for all Android powered smartphones because it makes it possible for users to download online videos and then watch them while offline.

While VidMate might be a premium app that is updated on a regular basis, there are still some issues that can pop up from time to time. Considering the fact that millions of people use VidMate for their daily entertainment, we know that if the app doesn’t work then many people are going to be upset. Therefore, today we are going to present two simple methods of fixing the online video downloading app in case it starts malfunctioning.

Download the Latest APK

The first method of fixing VidMate is to make sure that you have installed the latest version of the app. As previously noted, VidMate is updated on a regular basis and all these updates introduce bug fixes. therefore, we are advising all VidMate users to get the latest version of the online video downloading app in case it starts randomly glitching or crashing.

Boot the Smartphone

The simplest and fastest way to fix VidMate is to turn it off and on. However, this simple trick might not always get the job done and the issue remains. Fortunately, many reports are showing that VidMate will run normally once again after the smartphone has been booted.

In order to restart an Android powered smartphone, VidMate users will need to press and hold the physical “Lock” button that is located on the sides of their smartphones and then simply select the “Restart” option.


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