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How to Fix Microsoft Edge’s “Google.com Won’t Open” Bug


Numerous reports are showing that Windows 10 users are not allowed to access certain websites through their Edge or Internet Explorer browser. Usually, browsers prevent users from accessing websites that are restricted to their country. However, this is not the case here since both Edge and Internet Explorer prevent users from accessing popular websites such as Google and YouTube.

This bug is already widespread, and Microsoft addressed this by stating the following: “the problem is related to token binding which is a security feature being worked on by Microsoft and Google”.

What Microsoft is trying to say is that it knows this bug exist and that people can expect an OTA (over the air) fix during the upcoming future. Luckily, impatient users can fix this bug by using some of the following workarounds.

Changing the Browser

Eager Windows 10 users who are not willing to wait until Microsoft decides to patch this bug can simply download a new browser. Edge and Internet Explorer are the only ones affected by this website restriction bug and this doesn’t apply to browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Updating the Operating System

Considering that Microsoft addressed this bug, Windows 10 users should keep their eyes peeled for every new operating system update. The following update is certainly going to include a fix for this bug and Microsoft’s browsers will run as intended again.

Opening InPrivate Windows

The last workaround has a high rate of success when it comes to avoiding this bug. Both Edge and Internet Explorer feature an “InPrivate Window” which can be used to open any websites that the browsers are currently restricting users from accessing.

This special window can be opened by starting up Edge, clicking on the “More” option (marked with three dots in the top right corner) and then just click on the “New InPrivate Window” option.