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How iPad Owners can Add Gmail Contacts


The world is split up in three camps when it comes to operating systems iOS, Android and Windows. The three operating systems are specially designed to not allow fans of different camps to interact with each other through actions such as sending files and documents. However, there are some apps which run on all operating systems and go over the border between iOS, Android and Windows.

Gmail Contacts on iPad

Talking about operating system limitations, one common problem that iPad owners are faced with is adding their Gmail contacts. Even though Gmail is made by Google and its designed to run on Android OS, iPad owners who use Apple’s iOS can still communicate with people from Gmail. The way this can be done is syncing Gmail with iPad.

Syncing Gmail to iOS

Assuming that the iPad is running on Apple’s latest iOS version, users are required to head over to their home screen and tap on the Settings icon. After doing this, users need to do tap on “Select Accounts & Passwords”. A new panel will pop up and here is where users must tap on Gmail which can be found beneath the Accounts option.

The Gmail settings screen will appear and iPad owners need to enable “Contacts” by tapping the button until its set to “On” position. We should also mention that iPad owners can also sync their Google Calendar and Notes from this panel. All that’s left now is to hit the Home button and wait a couple of seconds before the contacts list is synchronized.

While having to manually sync Gmail contacts on iPads might be annoying, it’s still great that iPad owners are allowed to do this and that they are not restricted from communicating with their friends, family members or work colleagues which prefer other operating systems.