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How do Industry Influencers Impact on Mobile Gaming in the Social Media Sphere?

KIEV, UKRAINE - May 20, 2013: A social media logotype collection of well-known social network brand's printed on stickers and placed on modern computer keyboard.

In the world, as we know it today, there is an increased amount of accountability to be had, as well as a consumer that is increasingly becoming more brand-conscious and more discerning overall, as they search through the smoke and mirrors, to get to the truth of any given brand and their various offerings.

Perhaps the consumer of today is somewhat more cynical than in years previous, yet this may not necessarily be a bad thing. What this, however, does equate to is the fact that brands from across the various sectors around the world wide web are needing to up their ante and adopt more wryly marketing plans, as well as become transparent in big and wonderful PR ways.

This much is especially true for the iGaming industry and any sub-sectors that form part of the iGaming world. As we increasingly find that iGaming consumers and all the ardent online casino players are more and more becoming mobile casino app game players too, means that there is indeed shift in very many things.

The one very noticeable shift has been in the increase in social media presence of casino online games, and the casino online gaming site operators in general. So too has there been a marked increase in mobile casino site gameplay and access to games, casino bonuses, free spins, the work – via one’s mobile device, overall.

As things slowly but surely tend to follow the trend of mobile gaming, so too is the marketing machine that follows such innovations and inventions, eagerly trailing not too far behind as well.

The latest and greatest trend to be making all the waves in the iGaming world of late, is the influencer-led marketing strategies. What this quintessentially refers to is the form of marketing where an influencer (or a few influencer individuals) are identified as having influence over potential consumers, therefore the brand activations will be centred toward conforming activities around the said influencer, so as to coax buyers into purchasing an ideal, a lifestyle, a brand accordingly.

One can see that even as far back as 2015, the influencer-marketing strategy as a workable marketing tactic was set to revolutionise the form of PR, and in a major way. Way back then already, 3 years ago, it was quite clear that influencer-marketing was on the rise, especially when after the fiscal year, it was seen in the increase of influencer-marketing budgets ballooning to what it has never been before.

Influencer-marketing is also an ingenious and extremely effective marketing tactic for mobile app developers that are seeking for a way to stand out amongst the sea of wave upon wave of new mobile apps. Both to be found on Google Play Store and the Apple store alike, making for Android and iOS compatible devices and apps, in a heartbeat. Influencer-marketing sees a way for these brands to stand out and make a wave for themselves.

So, now that we are fully aware of the massive potential there lies in making use of influencer-marketing strategies to further the reach of one’s brand, how does one effectively implement influencer-marketing? in the world of mobile gaming, taking into account the increased awareness of players within the social media spheres, how does one go about identifying top-calibre influences for any given brand?

Taking leave from the infamous magazine, namely Edelman, one can easily devise a data-driven, quantifiable system that will be able to gage an influencers scoring points based on the four main pillars of influence the individual in question holds.

These four pillars of influence are as follows:

  1. Relevance
  2. Authority
  3. Reach
  4. Accessibility

All in all, one can quickly see the importance of being able to identify each of these four pillars within an influencer, or relevant influencer candidate.

Of course, with each new brand there will be varying degrees to which each of the four pillars would need to be reflected and shown accordingly, yet all in all, this is a great starting point when attempting to gauge a particular influencer, and whether they would work as an ambassador (of sorts) for any given brand.

Accordingly, when taking, for example, the Unibet casino, where sporting is indeed a top contender for a topic synonymous with the brand style of the Unibet Casino on the whole, being a site that offers sportsbooks and all. Therefore an influencer that would work well with Unibet casino, as a way to market them better via the Social Media avenues as well, the brand would be wanting to incorporate a trusted and well-known football star perhaps, as a great influencer to be associated with the Unibet brand.

Of course, the above is just an example of how to practically employ the influencer-marketing tactics for optimised PR methods when it comes to a thriving casino and mobile online casino, just as one industry example to ponder…

When taking into account the four pillars of influence as mentioned above, the most important thing when it comes to appealing to an avid casino online game player would be the ‘Authority’ pillar aspects perhaps, followed closely by the ‘Reach’ and ‘Accessibility’ pillar aspects.

Of course, relevance will be the lesser pillar in the instance of mobile online casino gameplay, as the most important and relevant factor will always be, plain and simply: did the consumer have fun & games to the max? Yes? Well, then brand loyalty guaranteed.

Simple and plain as can be, this is just one of the many ways in which an influencer-marketing based strategy can quickly affect a welcome change for casino online game players. By offering glimpses of relatable individuals, as a point of reference, when about to come onboard a particular online casino gaming site, the level of trust is immediately built. This, in turn, will go a long way in terms of furthering the player journey within the gaming site, in question, and offering a gaming experience that will remain pleasurable, amenable and fun-loving – right throughout.