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How an email checker will help you achieve a higher ROI from your email campaigns


Technology has completely changed the way we communicate. From mobile telecommunication to social media and email, they all influence our lives determine our professional relationships, as well. In the past few years, email has reached an unprecedented level of popularity, and email marketing is seeing a steady rise. At the same time, more and more businesses understand how important is to use an email checker to make sure their email lists are healthy. A healthy email list will help you reach your customers and achieve a higher ROI.


Email verification is the process which determines whether a person using an email address is, or not, it’s legitimate owner. Any kind of business that uses email to communicate can benefit from the use of a good email checker:


  • to decrease the bounce rate of their email campaigns
  • to prevent fake sign-ups on their registration forms
  • to prevent the collection of abuse emails that will mark their emails as Spam.
  • to improve their overall email marketing results


A thorough email list scrubbing will also remove toxic and catch-all domains, disposable email addresses and spam traps. Apart from this, an email checker will identify which email addresses in your list are invalid because of syntax errors and which ones have been abandoned. People change their email address all the time, mostly because they change their jobs or because they become unhappy with their current email service provider. Keeping dormant email addresses in your email list will results in poor email content engagement and is a waste of money.


In all these circumstances, using an email checker is essential. There are various email verification tools that are available online. Numerous platforms out there promise to clean your email list, so choosing the right one may be a challenge.


Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind before picking your next email checker:


  • Accuracy: look for the ones that offer a high accuracy rate
  • Price: if an email checker is expensive, that doesn’t mean it’s better. Study the market, read reviews and pick the one that offers the most features for the price.
  • Data protection: ask questions and be careful about how the company processes your data.


A reliable email checker should be able to make a difference after the very first time you use it. Your bounce rate should be lower, your sender reputation should improve, and your ROI should be higher as a result of reaching more of your customers.


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