House Rep. Marsha Blackburn has Received Over $650,000 from ISP Companies


    Marsha Blackburn is slowly but surely becoming the most hated woman in the US. The reason we are saying this is because she was the one to introduce and sponsor the anti online privacy measure into Congress. The bill in cause has been designed with one purpose in mind, to allow ISP (internet service providers) to sell private user web browsing history to the highest bidder.

    Marsha Blackburn Sponsored by ISP Companies

    What’s causing much controversy other than the fact that no one wants their privacy to be taken away is the fact that Marsha Blackburn has been sponsored by ISP companies all throughout her career. There are official documents which show that Marsha Blackburn has been receiving donations from ISP during all of her campaigns. At first the contributions were small, but after a couple of years they increased to huge amounts such as $15,000. Overall, the House Representative has managed to gather over half a million dollars in ISP donations that came from the likes of Verizon, Comcast and AT&T.

    Anti Online-Privacy Bill

    As previously mentioned if this bill passes, ISP companies will be able to sell information to the highest bidder. Even worse, the affected customers will not even be notified of this and obviously they will not be asked for permission. The former US President Barack Obama is the one who instated these privacy laws. The laws brought by Barack Obama’s administration are what are keeping ISP from accessing private customer information without asking for their permission.

    All US residents are heavily upset with this bill and they are urging Congress Officials not to vote for it. In fact, Marsha Blackburn is receiving a lot of criticism because her job implies that she looks for bills that help citizens. Different reporters have questioned Marsha Blackburn on how will this bill benefit US citizens and she had nothing to say.

    Nonetheless, let’s just hope that everyone sees that the only reason why Marsha Blackburn has presented this bill is because she received around $693,000 in campaign contributions from different ISP companies.