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Here’s Your New Sidekick: Anki Vector Robot Can Detect Your Face, Answer Questions And Play Games


There’s a new buddy available for you just to hang out and spend some quality time.

Dieter Bohn from The Verge reports all you need to know about some prototypes for Vector, the latest robot from Anki, the company behind both the Cozmo and the Overdrive RC cars.

“I spent the day in Anki’s labs in San Francisco to learn just what Vector is and — critically — what it can do. When it ships in October for $249.99 (or cheaper for early Kickstarter backers), Anki will be marketing it as a “home robot,” the author reports.

We find out that you can even ask the robot questions, you can play games with it and even pet it to elicit a little purr.

A robot with a great personality 

Anki does not want users to focus on Vector’s functionality. No, they have been putting a lot of effort into its personality as well.

Vector is entirely autonomous, and you can do something shocking for a new piece of tech – you can simply ignore it and let it do its own thing.

If you’re not a stranger to Anki’s Cozmo robot, then you already have a clue about what Vector looks like.

“Standing around three inches high, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It has little treads for motoring around a small space (…) It has a little lift arm that’s only able to pick up a tiny plastic cube,” Bohn reported.

The robot’s principal activity is to move around on a table and investigate surroundings.

It uses a combination of sensors, and it builds a small map. If it detects new objects, it will go check them out and see if they can be pushed around.

It also pays attention to sounds, and it’s able to recognize faces.

You can find out more details by heading to the Verge and reading Bohn’s article and checking out the video above.


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