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Here’s the iPhone XS and XR Feature that Apple “Forgot” to Talk About


Apple talked a lot about its new iPhones during the recent press conference that took place on September 12th. However, Apple didn’t have enough time to cover every new feature that the next-generation iPhones have to offer such as the fact that they can now scan NFC tags in the background. This means that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be able to scan all NFC tags without needing help from a third-party app anymore.

New iPhone NFC Feature

As previously mentioned, Apple’s three new iPhones will be able to scan NFC tags without needing to open any other app. After the NFC tag is finished scanning, users will see a notification pop up on their screen and tapping on it will launch the app that is directly associated to the NFC tag.

Moreover, after tapping the first time on the NFC tag notification, the iPhone will ask users if they want to prevent any other unintentional actions.

NFC (Near-Field Communication) Technology

For those unfamiliar with NFC, this is an acronym that stands for Near-Field Communication. In order for NFC to work, two devices need to be placed close to each other so that data can be exchanged at fast speeds. Also, both devices are required to have an NFC chip.

Unintentional Tag Reading

The only problem that iPhone users might have with the new feature is that it could accidentally read NFC tags. Fortunately, Apple is preventing this from ever happening because the feature is enabled only when the iPhone is unlocked and being used. In addition, AirPlane mode will also disable background NFC tag reading.

Even though this might not be some groundbreaking feature, it’s still nice to have to have and it will improve the quality of life features that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR have to offer.