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Here’s the Best iOS 12 Hidden Feature


iOS 12 rolled out a couple of weeks ago and iPhone fans are discovering hidden features ever since! This latest feature to be discovered focuses on the iOS keyboard and it is categorized as a “quality of life” feature because it makes it easier for fans to edit texts. One of the most annoying things that iPhone and iPad fans have to deal with is editing texts.

The tricky part about editing texts is that fans need to place their finger exactly where they want to modify something and this can be quite annoying. Fortunately, this iOS 12 hidden keyboard feature that we are going to present today takes care of this problem.

Hidden iOS 12 Keyboard Feature

A couple of years ago Apple introduced a special feature that let fans turn the keyboard into a trackpad. This made it possible for fans to move the cursor around the text easier than ever. On the downside of things, this feature has been exclusive to iPhones that feature 3D Touch such as the latest iPhone X and XS.

Even though this feature has been available only to iPhones which are equipped with 3D Touch, iOS 12 is bringing it to everyone! The new feature is called “turn the QuickType keyboard into a trackpad” and it can be activated by tapping and holding the space bar.

Improved Precision

Apple says that this feature will work on any device that has installed iOS 12 and that it will improve their precision when editing texts. The keys will disappear after users tap and hold the space bar, thus making easier for them to pinpoint the exact location where they want to edit something.

Quality of Life Feature

As previously mentioned, this feature is being categorized as a “quality of life” change. Therefore, this might not be a groundbreaking iOS feature, but it’s still nice to have.


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