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GTA Online After Hours Expansion – Nightclubs, Single-Player Missions and More!


GTA fans have been asking for a new single-player expansion for a long time now, but Rockstar has yet to deliver. Instead of releasing additional single-player content, Rockstar focuses on GTA Online instead. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing since the latest update for GTA Online feels just like a brand-new single-player campaign.

GTA Online After Hours Update

The new GTA Online update is titled “After Hours” and it launched today! Nightclubs, parties, and music are the theme of this expansion, but this is not the only thing that it brings. The expansion gives players a reason to keep coming back for more and reports are showing that GTA Online fans love it!

Starting the Expansion

Just like all GTA Online expansions, After Hours begins when your character receives a call which advises him or her to invest in a new business. The business is a nightclub and players get to customize it to their liking. The cool thing about the nightclub is the fact that it introduces lots of missions and additional story content.

Completing a Series of Missions

Opening a nightclub is not as easy as it might seem and players will need to complete a series of missions in order to do it. However, this is a great thing since GTA fans have been asking for new content for a long while.

The new missions are going to focus on finding a DJ, stealing sound equipment and hiring staff members. We should mention that the new missions are not too challenging and they can be easily completed solo.

Dialogue and Cutscenes

Even though some of you might be upset to find out that the new missions are quite easy to complete, you should be happy to know that they introduce new dialogue and cutscenes which make GTA Online’s latest expansion feel more immersive.


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