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GoPro Officially Announces HERO7 Lineup with Hypersmooth Stabilization


We reported yesterday that B&H leaked three GoPro cameras and their most important features. From the looks of it, GoPro saw that everyone is talking about the B&H leak and decided to use it as an opportunity to announce the three new GoPro HERO7 cameras officially.

We have to admit that this is a pretty clever marketing strategy from GoPro. Nonetheless, the feature that makes these devices stand out the most from the predecessor models is HyperSmooth Stabilization.

GoPro HERO7 Price

GoPro announced that three HERO7 models will be available in stores during the upcoming weeks. The three models are called HERO7 Black, HERO7 Silver, and HERO7 White. They will all ship with different features and price tags which make them ideal for certain scenarios.

The entry-level GoPro is HERO7 White and its priced at $199.99. The middle camera is called HERO7 Silver and it costs $299.99 while the most expensive one is HERO7 Black and it ships with the price tag of $399.99.

HyperSmooth Stabilization

The question that everyone had when GoPro’s new cameras were leaked, was if there really is a need for another GoPro camera? Fortunately, the people who created the new HERO7 lineup equipped them with HyperSmooth Stabilization which makes them a “must-have” for every filmmaker.

GoPro is saying that this new feature is the “death of the gimbal”. The three new GoPro models can stabilize videos without needing a gimbal which means that every filmmaker who shoots active videos will need to get one.

Lightweight and Camera Stabilization

The combination of Hypersmooth Stabilization and how lightweight the new GoPro cameras are basically guarantee that they will become bestselling devices. However, the problem with GoPro’s new cameras is that the premium version, HERO7 Black, is really expensive which means that not everyone is going to afford it.


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