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Google’s Revenge: The Company Gets Offensive With Microsoft’s Windows And macOS In The Latest Ad


Microsoft had an offensive campaign about Google a while ago, and it was called Scroogled.

If you remember, there was one ad for instance which showed targeted advertising revealing personal data about a user and the end was saying “Don’t get Scroogled!”

This was part of a Bing holiday marketing campaign that definitely attacked Google.

Microsoft claimed back then that Google’s search results, when used for shopping for items, for instance, were in fact results paid for by various companies rather than an objective search provided by the engine.

Google gets revenge 

Well, it seems that payback time is here! It’s now Google’s turn to go on an offensive of its own.

The tech giant introduced a new ad for its Chromebooks that’s taking a few shots at Windows and macOS as well, because why not?

In the video, you can see that while the commercial goes through various versions of Windows, Windows 10 is not featured at all. It only goes up to Windows 8.

And more than that, many issues that are shown in the video above have actually been addressed, and the Blue Screen of Death doesn’t even look the same as it is portrayed in the ad.

It’s true that some of the issues still apply such as the problem of always being reminded of software updates when users really want to avoid being bothered by them.

Windows Defender protects your computer these days though, so many of the errors messages that are displayed in the ad do not apply anymore.

You might think that Google wanted to target Windows 10 with this ad because it’s Microsoft’s current operating system.

The ad is called, “If you want a laptop you can count on. You Chromebook.”

With that in mind, you’d expect Google to take shots at the operating system that it’s competing against, rather than the operating system that customers are more than likely upgrading from.


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