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Google’s New Titan Key Aims To Provide 2FA Security Without Relying On A Phone Or Tablet


Activating the 2FA on your e-mail, social media and financial accounts is an amazing idea.

By tying the logins to one of your personal devices, you can probably avoid most cybercriminals who are lurking around, planning to compromise your identity. But does this work flawlessly?

Google’s upcoming Titan Key is a physical device that should be able to render 2FA security impeccably.

How does the Titan Key work?

CNET already tried using the Titan Key, and if you’ve ever used a physical security key, then you’re familiar with this concept. The Titan Key is a physical USB or Bluetooth dongle.

After logging into a Google account with your username and password, you have to either plug in the USB key or connect to the Bluetooth dongle.

This is generally much more secure than a phone-based 2FA code since there’s no way for a malefactor to intercept a physical key short of theft.

The device will be priced at around $50 together at about $20-$25 individually.

They will be released during the next few months, and Google hasn’t set a final price or release time for the moment.

Potential adoption issues 

CNET reported that the keys seem to be as straightforward as advertised by Google.

There might be some adoption challenges ahead, and Google is barely able to convince its users to use code-based 2FA.

If the tech giant is not able to convince users to get the Titan Key, maybe it will be able to convince just the right people to use it.

If you only think about the Facebook hearings, you will see that the American government generally has a poor understanding of how the Internet works.

If there is the choice between carrying around a USB dongle and leaking vital American secrets, many high-profile individuals will definitely choose the first option.

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