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Google Works On Google Yeti, Its Own Video Games Streaming Platform


Google is preparing its entry into the world of electronic entertainment through a video games streaming platform dubbed as Google Yeti, as reported by the specialized portal Kotaku.

Google Yeti is the name of this project with which Google will try to take advantage of high-end techs to allow the users to enjoy a high-quality video games streaming service without the need for operating a high-end console or PC.

According to several sources, Google has held meetings in this regard in specialized forums of the video game industry such as the E3 2018, which was held in June in Los Angeles.

In parallel to the Yeti project, Google is also interested in recruiting video game developers who can supply content to its upcoming streaming platform.

Google Yeti is set to expand Google services in the video games streaming universe

If it were finally to decide to enter the video games industry, Google would extend its range of services which, in addition to the famous search engine, includes the YouTube video site, the Gmail email manager, the Android operating system, and the Chrome browser.

The video games streaming service applications were one of the main trends of the E3 2018, where those responsible for Xbox, the Microsoft’s console, said they are working on a new online platform to market games on all screens.

The devs from the renowned Electronic Arts company also took advantage of E3 to announce Origin Access Premier, an update to its PC subscription offering.

The interest of video game giants in streaming seems to follow in the footsteps of other successful online models such as Netflix for movies and TV series and Spotify for music.

Now, Google seems attracted by the video games streaming service field of activity and is working on developing its own platform in this direction, Google Yeti.