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Google Starts Rolling Out Android 9.0 Pie to Its Pixel Smartphones


Android communities all over the web all buzzing with excitement because Google has announced that the new operating system will start rolling out today. Not just that, but Google also revealed that Android 9.0 will be codenamed as “Pie” which sticks with Google’s tradition of naming all its mobile operating systems after delicious sweets.

Android 9.0 Pie Rolls Out

As previously mentioned, the new Android operating system started rolling out today, but there’s a catch. Google’s own Pixel smartphones are going to be the only ones to get the major software update while the rest have to wait a little longer.

Considering that the first developer preview of Android 9.0 Pie was released back in March, we have to admit that we are a little bit surprised to see that Google started rolling out the new operating system to the public.

New Features

The reason why every Android fan is getting excited about Google’s major software update is because it comes with a plethora of new features. App Actions is a great example of that since this feature will contextually predict what the user wants to do with the smartphone and it displays a list of recommended actions such as automatically opening a playlist filled with the user’s songs whenever a pair of headphones are plugged in.

Revamped Quick Settings Menu

Another important feature that Android 9.0 Pie brings is a revamped Quick Settings menu. This feature completely changes how Android fans use their smartphones by making it easier for them to access all the settings they need such as enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth for example. Nonetheless, Android 9.0 Pie comes with many more features and Pixel smartphone owners will get to try them out first!