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Google Started Rolling Out Android P Beta 3


We have some great news for Pixel smartphone owners, Android P beta 3 is rolling out today! Since Google is the company directly in charge of the Pixel smartphone lineup, no one should be surprised that Pixel fans are the first ones to get their hands on the new update.

Other smartphone companies are expected to roll out Android Beta 3 to their flagship devices through their own beta program, but we don’t know when that is going to happen.

Bug Fixes and Software Tweaks

Even though receiving a new version of Android P is exciting news, Google’s developers have announced that Android fans should not get too enthusiastic about it. Android P beta 3 focuses on improving the performance and stability of the upcoming operating system and therefore, it ships with lots of bug fixes and software tweaks.

The patch notes for Android P beta 3 include the following message from the developers: “the new update comes with the latest bug fixes and optimizations for stability and polish”. What we can take from this is that the public version of Android P is nearly finished and that it will launch in the fall.

Android Beta Program

Even though Google is rolling out Android P beta 3 to its latest Pixel devices, not everyone is going to receive it. The only Pixel smartphone owners who will get the new beta operating system update are the ones who are enlisted in the official Android Beta Program. Moreover, enrolling in the program is simple, and the only thing that beta testers will need to do is to deliver feedback.

OTA Release

As you would expect from an update that comes from Google, Android P beta 3 is being rolled out OTA (over the air). Therefore, Pixel smartphone owners who are enlisted in the Android Beta Program should keep their eyes peeled at the notifications panel.