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Google Plans Announces Direct Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids on Android OS


One of the best things about choosing to purchase an Android-powered smartphone is the fact that you will always be first in line to get Google’s latest updates. This is great news because Google is always improving its Android operating system through constant updates which introduce new features, performance tweaks and bug fixes.

With that being said, Google recently announced that it wants to make it easier for people with hearing problems to connect their hearing aids to Android smartphones. Hearing aids connect through Bluetooth and this means that they can overlap with other devices, but not anymore.

Google Adds Direct Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids

The Android parent has announced that it teamed up with GN Hearing which is a hearing aids manufacturer and that it is working on developing a special software that makes it possible for people to get direct audio streaming from Android-powered smartphones to their hearing aids.

Not just that, but Google is also saying that hearing aids will act as Bluetooth headphones which could be used to listen to music and answer phone calls.

Hearing Loss Problems

“Around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. This number is expected to increase to 900 million people by the year 2050” according to the World Health Organization.

Furthermore, Google stated that its new direct audio streaming system is being called ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) and that all hearing aids manufacturers will receive access to it.

“The spec details the pairing and connectivity, network topology, system architecture, and system requirements for implementing hearing aids using low energy connection-oriented channels. Any hearing aid manufacturer can now build native hearing aid support for Android” said Google about the new feature that is expected to roll out during the upcoming months.