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Google Maps Will Receive Waze’s Most Popular Feature (Incident Reports)


Even though Waze is getting more popular than Google Maps, this isn’t an issue for the Android parent. In case you didn’t know, Google acquired Waze a couple of years ago and this is why Waze’s recent rise to popularity is not affecting Google in any way.

Although, the Android parent still wants Google Maps to provide users with a premium experience and this is why the navigation app is going to “borrow” a feature from Waze.

Waze’s Most Popular Feature

One of the main reasons why millions of people use Waze is because it gives them the ability to add incident reports. Therefore, Waze users can simply add real-time reports such as road work, traffic, accidents and even police stops which can be seen by other users. To make things even better, Waze has a special system which automatically bans users who set up false reports.

Nonetheless, Google Maps is scheduled to receive this cool feature via the next update that Google rolls out. The interesting thing about this is that Google didn’t want to unveil this and tried to keep it a secret.

However, keeping a secret proved to be impossible since the folks at Android Police were able to find the code line of the feature in the APK version of Google Maps.

Google Maps Users Reports

With that being said, Google Maps users should be getting ready to add real-time reports for stuff such as road work, closed roads, speed cameras, speed traps and many more.

Google has yet to announce when the new update that includes this feature will arrive, but the people who initially discovered the feature in the code line are expecting it to come soon. Let’s hope Google decides to announce an official release date now that the feature is not a secret anymore.