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Google Home Speaker Will Receive New Health and Fitness Features


Google has been spotted recently that it is working on a set of new digital wellbeing features that will be launched on Android powered smartphones. Even though these features have yet to release for Android fans, Google is already trying to find a way to launch them on smart speakers.

The latest Google app for Android was discovered by the folks at 9to5Google and it shows that Google is indeed looking to introduce a bunch of new digital health features to Android smartphones and Home speakers.

Digital Wellbeing Features for the Home Speaker

Even though the discovery made by 9to5Google doesn’t show us what the new features health and fitness oriented do, the discovery does show us that one of the features is going to be called Downtime.

This leads us to believe that Google wants to give its fans a way of setting a certain time period in which they don’t want their Home speaker to function. This feature is great for late at night when people want to sleep and they don’t want to be disturbed by the Home speaker or their Android smartphone.

New Filters Feature

Another feature that was spotted in the latest Google app is called Filters. The interesting thing about Filters is the fact that it replaces “Family Mode”. Therefore, Android and Home fans will be able to use the new Filters feature in order to limit their children’s online activity such as playing voice-based games.

Expected Launch Date

These new digital wellbeing features sound awesome, but on the downside, we have no idea when they will be released to the general public. Google is probably testing them for bugs right now and once it verifies that they work without any issues, that’s when they might see the light of day. Make your life smarter and cleaner with a smart trash can.