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Google Hires Richard Marks to Work on Secret Gaming Project “Yeti”


Google loves to get involved with everything related to tech starting with mobile browsers and ending with VR technology. Although, there is one industry that Google hasn’t touched, the gaming industry but things are looking to change.

According to the folks at VentureBeat, Google has hired Richard Marks who used to be Sony’s Head of the PlayStation Magic Lab. This means that Google is getting ready to venture into the gaming industry and that it’s looking to get all the help that it can.

Google Hires Richard Marks

Even though hiring Richard Marks might not sound like such a big deal to most people, this is actually going to help Google achieve its goal to enter the gaming industry.

Richard Marks is responsible for developing the Wii console, numerous games and even for leading the R&D division called PlayStation Magic Lab which is tasked with exploring the future of video games.

Project Yeti

The Android parent didn’t shy away from confirming the hiring of Richard Marks, but it didn’t want to reveal any additional details. Google is rumored to be working on Project Yeti which is a cloud-based gaming service and Mark Richards might be one who will be in charge of this project.

Phil Harrison

We should also mention that Google made headlines a couple of months ago when it hired Phil Harrison who is a veteran of the gaming industry that worked for both Sony and Microsoft. Mark Richards and Phil Harrison are surely working together on Google’s Project Yeti which is expected to take the gaming industry by storm.

Nonetheless, we don’t have that much information about Project Yeti, other than the fact that Google is teaming up with game developers such as Microsoft, Sony, and EA in order to help develop it. Therefore, Project Yeti might compete directly against Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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