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Google Could Bring Windows 10 Support To Some Chromebooks


Windows 10 enthusiasts will enjoy this latest report. Users might not have to get a Pixelbook if they’re longing for a Chromebook with Windows 10 support.

Windows 10 could come to Chromebooks

XDA-Developers found out that via source code that Campfire, the feature that would allow Chrome OS dual-boot, Windows 10 would be available in more variants, on more than one Chrome OS device.

This doesn’t mean that any and all Google-powered PCs would have this option.

Hardware makers would have to check that Windows works properly and such a thing would be out of the question for many Chrome machines that only have small amounts of flash storage.

It seems that you would need a minimum of 40GB of space and a lot of Chromebooks only have 32GB or less.

There’s also some good news: you would not have to enable Developer Mode and compromise your system’s security or flash your firmware.

There are also hints that you could only use a simple command in order to invoke the new mode.

It’s not very clear yet if the technology will be ready soon.

While Google is expected to have its hardware event in the upcoming weeks, it is not certain that Campfire is close enough to completion that the company would want to show it off by then.

A major change in strategy 

Windows 10 booting on Multiple Chromebooks would mean a major change of strategy for Google is this were to eventually happen.

While Google touts Chrome OS as a straightforward and more secure computing experience, Campfire could represent a sort of concession for users who need Windows but at the same time crave for a Chrome OS Device.