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Google Chrome Will Not Allow Extensions Installation Outside The Chrome Web Store Starting With Chrome 71


Google continues to work closely with third-party developers, which are essential elements for the growth of its web browsing software, Chrome, as they are responsible for creating many of the popular extensions that are added to the program. But, starting with Chrome 71, Google Chrome will not allow extensions installations outside the official Chrome Web Store.

Google collaborations with third-party devs increase the Chrome’s versatility significantly, although at the same time Google is gradually imposing its own rules in this regard, as the number of add-ons has grown.

It is precisely for this reason that Google has just announced that starting with Chrome 71, which will launch in December 2018, extension developers will be required to distribute them only via the official Chrome Store.

It has long been recalled that Chrome extensions should be checked before installation so that users can take certain precautions to avoid malicious or unwanted extensions. In fact, Google points out that extensions installed from external sites have a higher proportion of user complaints and are uninstalled much more frequently than those installed via Chrome Web Store.

Chrome 71 will not allow extensions installations outside the official Chrome Web Store

Therefore, the firm explains that the Chrome Web Store plays a crucial role in ensuring that users have all the information they need about the new extensions they will securely install.

While there was a promise to do something about the external misleading facilities in January 2018, they still represent the majority of complaints.

At the same time, although attempts have been made to use automatic learning to combat misleading external installations, this recent announcement suggests that this has yielded the desired results.

Thus, this new policy will be implemented in three phases until December 2018. The first phase has already commenced, by the way.

In this way, if extensions use the external installation feature, users will be automatically redirected to the Chrome Store.

This change will take place definitively in Chrome 71, which will reach us in December 2018, so developers of extensions that are outside the official store, need to change the installation buttons’ links before the release of Chrome 71 to link to the Chrome Web Store.