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Google Chrome Will Automatically Prevent Tab-Under Behaviour


Google has been adamant about where its position against abusive ads. The Android parent didn’t shy away from letting the entire world know that it wants to crack down on intrusive ads and to completely ban them. In fact, Google recently confirmed that it plans on blocking tab-under behavior.

Tab-Under Behavior

Not everyone is familiar with this jargon since its mainly used by developers and website owners. Tab-under behavior is considered to be the act of duplicating the current page that a visitor is checking out and opening it in another tab in order to highlight ads or an entirely different website that the user didn’t plan on visiting.

Redirecting Users

There are numerous websites which use this method of redirecting visitors to websites that show ads. Moreover, website owners usually get payed a redirection feed which is another reason why Google wants to ban tab-under behavior.

User Security

If there’s one thing that Google is known for other than its popular search engine and Android operating system, that is that it puts a high price on user security. Google considers tab-under behavior as being malicious, especially since it can redirect users to malware filled websites and not only ads.

Google reported that its developer team has been searching for a way to block or to get rid of under-tab behavior since last year’s November. Therefore, Google had plenty of time to find method of enhancing Chrome’s security against this type of redirection.

Automatic Prevention

In order to not annoy Chrome users with tab-under behavior anymore, the browser will automatically prevent it from happening. The only thing that Chrome users will see is a small pop up which will contain the following text: “Chrome prevented content on this page from redirecting you”.  This is great news since it means that Chrome users will also see which websites are trying to make profit off them.